Tuesday, 21 September 2010

hello again

I have deleted my old blog to begin again. I used to keep all parts separated and have decided that, for the blog, at least I am not nearly interesting enough for that. So this shall be recipes, scraps of writing, reviews, complaints, opinions, rambles and anything else besides. As far as introductions go I am female, mid-20s, live on the southern border of Derbyshire, and am firmly a country-sort rather than a city-type. I read a lot of various things, and almost always read books twice. If you want to see some of my favourite books they make up the background image for this page. I cook as much and as often as possible. Most of my recipes are new inventions and so they often end up online - more so that I can remember and find them again than for the benefit of the wider world. I prefer baking to almost everything, and firmly believe that main courses were invented as a way of building anticipation for dessert. I am a playwright, some of my own invention and also some translations from German into English, which I call adapted translations because I never do literal translations. I'm writing a YA fantasy novel, my first. We'll see how that goes. I have a degree in politics. I try not to talk about it too much just in case I bore or (more likely) frighten people. I source, design, make and sell jewellery at markets, craft fairs and online. This is mainly because I like things that sparkle. I love aussie rules football and no almost nothing about any other sport. Travelling, especially by either train or plane, makes me very happy. 


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