Sunday, 20 March 2011


Apologies in advance, this has turned out to be a rather odd blog post but then it's been a rather odd weekend.

I went into Nottingham this morning to pick up some books from Waterstones. Well that was only one reason, but listing my entire shopping list is a bit much even for me, and really who's all that interested in which colour nail varnish I bought?

The top book, A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry was a World Book Night book that the lovely folks at Nottingham Waterstones kept aside for me because I was stuck on a train that night and couldn't make it in. The other three are all books that I'm quite ashamed that I didn't own already, that's remedied now.

While we were parking a man walked along the street with a thin gauze bandage around the top of his head, soaked in blood. His white t-shirt also had large patches of thick dark red blood on both front and back and his face & arms were splattered with it. I think the thing that shook me was that his face had streaked and splattered dried blood almost all over it. I didn't register why he caught my attention from a long way away but the few seconds eye-contact as our car passed him walking on the street stayed with me all day. I don't mind sounding like a bit of a wimp, it really got to me.

When something upsets me my brain deals with it in the only way I know how - creatively. The more I thought about the less I thought of myself seeing this poor young chap and the more it became an abstract narration. I love trying to understand how my brain works, I don't think I'll ever truly comprehend how amazing it really is that we all (more or less) function.

Last night I took my much more prosaic lens attached to my camera out to look at the moon. The pictures were pretty rubbish as you can see but the view from the binoculars was pretty awesome and the photos are a nice memory-aid.

I should get back to sorting clothes out, I'm packing for two holidays at once. This is a bit much for a girl who normally packs two weeks in advance for a weekend away!

Hope everyone is looking forward to a new week.


p.s. Rather than listing all my interweb-ness as normal I'm going to link to my website as it should now re-direct to my page...

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