Friday, 3 June 2011

St. Winifred's

I blame the weather. It's been almost a whole week of lovely weather so yet again I'm putting up pictures instead of actually saying anything. Probably for the best. I don't make a lot of sense anyway.

The annual flower festival was on in my next-door village so we had a nose around and I took some photographs of the churchyard for my collage stock.

Despite it being a very sunny day the light inside the church was patchy and I didn't really want to use the tripod so the pictures are a bit scratchy. There is some of the most lovely stone carving I have ever seen inside and a little bit of a mystery as to where the tomb meant to be held beneath it has gone to, which is always good.

There was a window showing St. Paul holding a book and a sword, instantly warmed to him. Seems like my sort of a chap.

And some very nice crosses outside in the yard.



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