Thursday, 21 October 2010

cold day at calke abbey

This time of year I always end up spending a lot of time in National Trust properties before they all close for the winter. The closest one to where I am currently living is Calke Abbey which is a reasonably pretty house set in stunning grounds. The gardens are always worth looking around, whatever the time of year. It is well cared for and has a hugely interesting range of plants, both flowers and vegetables. My favourite part is the drive up to the house from the road which is lined with trees and varies from a vivid green to deep gold depending on seasonal changes. Oh, and they have cows! The house itself has some beautiful rooms although the pictures are rather rubbish because neither flash nor tripods are allowed inside. They are doing some fascinating restoration in the library as well. Not a bad way to spend an afternoon! Vick. @vclinde

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