Wednesday, 3 November 2010

after an extended absence

I've been rather absent from the internet as a whole for the past week or so. There has been a lot going on. Most of it personal and not for airing on here but I have been doing some fun things to counter-act all of the stress and I thought I would share the more pleasant parts of the past ten days. There have been a lot of great reads on the food blogs recently. I blame the fact that the nights are getting darker, the shops are filling up with wintery foods and for the Americans it is nearly Thanksgiving. So here are my favourites: 1. Every time I turn my computer on the very first thing I read is Paris Breakfasts. Whenever Carol writes about something I want to go there/see it/eat it etc. and this one is her report from Salon du Chocolat. Bliss. 2. This is not a new post from the Pioneer Woman, Ree but the thought of making this amazing baked French toast has kept the warmth in my toes these cold autumnal days! 3. One of my favourite cake shops Bea's of Bloomsbury has opened a second location at One New Change and to add to the excitement she has been keeping people up to date on the new shop via Twitter. Much fun, and cakes. 4. Not one post, but many. Cannelle et Vanille is a beautiful site which is always a joy to read. 5. I've been reading The Bitten Word for a long, long time now and I love their idea of putting all of the food magazines they buy to good use. This post is not solely about food though. Zach and Clay got married and proved that foodies do everything in style! I've also been reading a lot. There has been a lot of sitting around and waiting which is something I completely suck at! I knit, sew and cross-stitch as well as having a great knack for talking to strangers for hours. But mostly I read and at the moment this is what I've had my nose stuck into: 1. Mark Chadbourn's series 'The Age of Misrule'. These are clever and entertaining as well as being well written but the thing that always gets me are the characters, I completely love them. 2. 'The Magicians' by Lev Grossman. I had read hugely mixed reviews of this book and I can tell why after finishing it. I really loved the first two thirds but the last part just didn't grab me in the same way. Still, very glad I read it and I will certainly be reading it again. 3. The 'Gone' series by Michael Grant. These are brilliant books about a world where everyone over the age of 15 suddenly vanishes. As soon as I finished the first I grabbed the second. Intense, gripping and wonderful. 4. Not a book but an online biography. John Fugelsang being hugely entertaining as he lists fifteen facts about himself. 5. Dark Fiction Magazine. It's new. It's fab. No more reasons needed. Other things that have been in my line of sight have included the following... 1. These peacock fairy wings by Gobbolino are AMAZING. 2. My wonderful friend Anna Popovich has just released her new A/W collection and it is gorgeous. With a capital Gorgeous. 3. I really want this watch by Christiaan van der Klaauw. I will need about four lifetimes to save up for it though! 4. I've been working on my jewellery as well. (Some of it shown in the photo!) Looking at all of the fun things I've seen/read/done makes it all seem better. Hope everyone else out there is having a smashing time also. Vick. @vclinde

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