Monday, 9 May 2011

Manchester Visiting

This was posted a little while ago but got lost in the Blogger, here we go again!

Over one of the stupidly long weekends we had recently I went to visit my darling Ali in Manchester. We met the first week of classes at Uni and have been joined by a love of coffee and bitching about people ever since. It's no small coincidence that the places I am looking to move to when I am finally ready to move house are all close to Manchester. I've been through the city before but never spent much time there and we had a fantastic day. I will be visiting much, much more although I think it will be driving rather than relying on Sunday train services in future.

Essentially the day went coffee - gossip - library - coffee - bitching - shopping - art gallery - gossip - shopping - hugs. Like I said, will be in Manchester a lot more from now on!


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