Friday, 12 August 2011

Today #5

And the reason for doing all of this - I've been trying desperately to distract myself from sitting and staring at the phone all day waiting for a very important phone call. After eighteen months my flat has been sold. And I am entirely and completely freaked out about it. I normally leave personal things off the blog but this is going to have a pretty big impact on my work and so there we go.
Now. Back to work.

I am playing with blue at the moment. To organise my collage materials I generally divide them my main colour unless they are very multicoloured. I keep them in colour coded folders so that I can usually find what I am looking for pretty quickly. Now my desk is very messy - creatively messy.
And yes, more coffee cups!I'm just finishing off some brain storms...I'm thinking about patchwork quilt patterns, constellations, math/geometric shapes and ancient greek myths.


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