Sunday, 25 September 2011

Blush, Soliloquy, Ladybird, Nest

And for another batch of poetry now. This one is once again taken from my very lovely friends over at Etsy - Etsy has updated searching and so there is even more to look at again. Lots of changes and they seem to be doing a great job!

Becky from curiouscleo gave me "maternal, blush, bond" to work with.

The colour of blush paints itself
across the empty room
spreading up to mirrored ceilings
before creeping back to a worn floor.
A maternal place – always growing
a new group of ungrateful children
creating the bond that everyone
can see – easy to make
and easy to cut straight across.

Kate from PatchworkMoose gave me "soliloquy, sunset, solidified".

A motion solidified into action
minutes go by unchecked as they listen
to a series of speeches – the main
soliloquy broadcast throughout the day.
Lines towed along and repeated until
the sunset creeps over walls and streets
into the down-at-heel market
where we wake up and live.

Lin from cloudhopping gave me 'contradictory, flourish, nest' in the blog comments to work with.

A thin grey bird cries out at night
calling to her mate but taunting
those she needs but doesn't want.
Using the unsuspecting neighbour
who never learns but suffer at her hand.
Contradictory by nature, rarely seen
but forced to meet and exchange.
So much of their purpose
done amongst strangers - solitary until
in a nest. Better than their own.
Instinctive selfishness passed on
to thick skinned young who
flourish wherever they are placed.
Alone apart from captivated carers
unwilling helpers in their own torment.

Jane from janehammill gave me 'ukelele, ladybird, beads' also in the blog comments.

There is a tall lady - soft but solid
with tangled red hair standing
in the September pumpkin field.
Surrounded by globes she holds
a ukelele up towards the day-time
stars. Unseen but ever present.
The music starts but she isn't playing
and one ladybird lands on her
white dress, attracting its fellows.
As the run warms her morning skin
she dances - chains of beads
clattering to a different tune.

That's all for now. I've been writing more standard length as well as more haiku-ish ones which should hopefully both be up here soon.


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