Saturday, 3 September 2011

Print Preview

Exciting news! Well, I am excited by it and it's news.

I am selling small scale prints of my collages on Etsy. For now it is focused on my 5"x7" original collages. I am looking to sell prints of the larger art works as well but I will need to sort out the details of this, but I expect to be selling 6"x4" prints of the A4 pieces at least by the end of the month.
Obviously by selling them as prints the price has come down so it's a nice way of having a wider range of prices in my shop. All of the new prints will be 6"x4" and will be for sale at $20.00 over in the Collage section of Etsy.
So far there are fourteen of them up there and I am working on getting more on as we speak.

As ever there are lots of things going on with various art projects and other little ideas that I am working on but getting all of these ready and sorting out postage, plus new titles and descriptions has been taking a little while.

Happy weekend everyone,

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