Monday, 3 January 2011

hic abundant leones

The reason that I make jewellery and art is because that's the only way that I can make sense of things. Creativity is how I view the world. This might explain a little of why everything I do has a slightly odd slant to it.
I was thinking about the collages that I make the other day - all of them are personal to me, and each shows some side of me. I love images, art, words, text and the way that all of these things intersect.
As I have mentioned I began making collages to display my poetry and then later to illustrate the little books of poetry that I made for people.
Now I am making collages based on my BA dissertation. Yep, weird.

Although my degree was in politics (Stop! Why are you running away from me?) my dissertation was very visual. I wanted to take an unusual direction in a very hotly contested issue. In fact I think many people would say that it is the most contested issue in politics, if not then in the top few. I looked at Israel, Palestine and the territories in relation to maps.
(SCETI map - not owned by

My hypothesis was: “The sense of belonging in Israel and Palestine is influenced more by ideas of social borders than by printed representations of political borders”. If you want to know more, drop me a line I can talk about this for hours - or just send you a copy of my dissertation!

So, back to collages. I have a lot of maps. I've been collecting them for ages and I decided to incorporate this into the collages that I am now selling on Etsy.

This is my first attempt and it is a sort-of middle ground while I decide what I really want to do with them. To be honest, I'm not all that happy with it. I think the colours are wishy-washy and I need more map features on them. But that is what I will be playing around with for the next few days.

In the future I am looking to get hold of more maps with different styles, colours and topographies. I am also thinking of doing treasure map themed ones...stay tuned.


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