Thursday, 13 January 2011


Really, how could I miss London?
It's not like I thought working from home, being self-employed and trying to make a living from something creative was going to be easy.
But boy, oh boy it is really not.

It's been a very busy week full of distractions and interruptions, plus it's only Thursday so far.

I have started a silver-smithing class which was a lot more fun and less nerve wracking than I was expecting. I was really nervous, I don't know why but starting new things always have that effect on me.
In week one we we taught how to use the equipment, how not to hurt ourselves or the machines and made a lot of noise sawing, hammering and heating metal.
Now I'm trying to think of a design for the pendant we're making next week. I think birds. Yes?

I spent all of Tuesday in London and met up with several of my friends having great food with each of them. I meant to take photographs to include but I always forget to take pictures while I'm in London. In between meeting friends I had a half-hour to kill near Holborn and so I snuck quickly into my second favourite museum in London, Sir John Soanes museum, and spent most of my time looking at Seti's sarcophagus.
So in short my trip was strong coffee & flourless chocolate almond cake with Anna, then steak and stilton pie with Rach and Rob and finally ravioli & more coffee with Chris.
Then I had half a pack of love hearts on the way home. I have a weakness for love hearts.
From my 23rd Birthday tea

I'm house-sitting. Which it turns out is a good thing because little things keep going wrong like the radiator getting a hole in it. All fixed now, not a problem but I don't like working when someone's in the house so that cut into time further. Oh, and the curtain rail in the kitchen fell down. You know, little things.
Between nerves about class, another set-back in selling my flat, two funerals, visiting London and the house falling apart I missed putting up my Tuesday treasury and my stock is running a little low. I'm also taking some advice from the classrooms on Etsy and I'm making some little cards to sell in a bundle to reduce postage and get some lower priced items.

I had so many good ideas for this week but I keep wandering off and doing other things.
So I have a very busy weekend ahead of me.
I hope everyone else has had more productive weeks.



  1. At least your distractions are interesting. I found this post through your Etsy Blog post to help your brand. You went to the museum, visited London, went to a silversmith class. Those distractions are wonderful and lend to inspiration. I hope you have such wonderful distractions in the future and they come out in your art!

  2. Thank you - I do tend to see something shiny and run off after it. Hence silversmithing I suppose! Thanks for your lovely comment.
    All the best, Vick.