Thursday, 27 January 2011

I Love U

Seriously, I really do love u.
Which is why I spell words: colour, honour, humour, favourite etc.
As I type this all of those words have squiggly red lines underneath them.
Blogger does not love u.
This is something I have been struggling with since I started trying to sell full time online. Especially on Etsy, it is an American site and about 70% of buyers are American (I think that's right).
Other problems come from talking about Jam/Jelly/Jello or trousers/pants and even  aluminium/aluminum.
A lot is made about SEO optimisation (optimization?) and so color and favorite are going to be searched much more than their British-English cousins. However I love spelling, I love English and I love u.
I am trying to use a mixture of British and American spelling to get as many hits on my products as possible but it would be nice to stick with one or the other. Neither is right or wrong but it does make things rather confusing both for seller and buyers.
For a witty and very clever approach to this have a look at Jasper Fforde's description of why the loveable u is less popular in America.
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