Tuesday, 1 February 2011

24 Hours

I spent twenty-four hours without the internet, laptop, phone, etc. to try and get some more work done than I have been managing recently.
This was the result.
I made a hammered silver ring (plus several copper jump rings not pictured) in class.

I saw the stunning sunset last night.

I made amazing pulled pork

And Spiced Honey Cake
A plant fell over into the sink

I ate even more pulled pork, this time with BBQ sauce in a sarnie. If anything, I can now demonstrate how much better photographs look taken in natural light.
Plus I organised all of my collage materials, sorted out the 'studio'/spare bedroom.
And made a triptych. My first ever.

A good 24 hours all in all. Happy February (we say 'White Rabbits' in this household), and a very Happy New Year to everyone celebrating.


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