Friday, 25 February 2011

Radio Silence

I have been skulking beneath the radar for the last week. Last friday the sale on my house fell through. This was bad news for a number of reasons and I over-panicked and my well worked schedule for Etsy and the business fell apart a little.


This disappointment also coincided with me realigning the business. I am no longer making 5"x7" art collages and am shifting my focus onto handmade collage greetings cards and much larger collages.

I completed the first of these last night and while it took me a very long time it was loads of fun and a very different way of working from what I am used to. Also just for fun I am working on comic-book collages which I used to do a lot and have not been playing with for some time now. This might (accidentally) sound planned out and sorted but it's really not and is very flexible depending on what works, what is fun and what I discover from my extended brain-storming session.
I've decided to stop making beaded jewellery for the moment while I am learning how to make silver jewellery. I've got a few experiments going that hopefully I'll be able to photograph and stick up here soon.
As for the near future I have the last few small collages to put online. I'm also hopefully going for a short jaunt in France with a friend who is in the process of moving there.

And I have booked a holiday which I am very excited about.
On that happy note I wish y'all a good weekend and farewell.


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