Saturday, 23 July 2011

Serendipity, Epiphany, Redemption

I have no idea where this poem came from. Well, the idea came from Kona MacPhee (@konamacphee), award winning poet, scientific genius, amazing woman and kind enough to give me "serendipity, epiphany, redemption" to work with. I went to sit and write in one of my favourite places and was thinking about these words when a mini-story shoved its way into my head.
I might have another go at these words and try to fit them in to a regular poem but this is the oddly styled long poem that came first into my mind (and I did agree to post what I wrote from my three random word groups online). This is in a post on its own, partly because of how unusual it is for me but mainly because it ended up so long!
Very, very nervous about this. One because of how different it is, and two because it's Kona's.
Oh and if you haven't read any of Kona's work then look her up. Now! I'm serious.

"Binn Fraoigh"

Hunkered down high up in the hills
a woman lived alone.
Her twelve friends, the mountains
couldn’t keep her warm
even when they talked to her about
the first night and the final stars.
In spring the lambs came and she watched
as their proportions shifted, the woman was entranced
by new life and the loose formed ties to their world.
She made three daughters in anything but her own image.
They were created from the Earth by the strength of a comet.
Girls as different as sisters and as connected as rain-clouds
they grew close and grew apart choosing their ways.
Serendipity was of the sea and sky,
all at once rough and smooth.
Hard to read, soothing and dangerous.
Her peace was internal and for no one else.
Epiphany belonged to the land - she was nature
woken for each season, all four in her face.
Her smile broke the springtime but she could
bring the frosts of winter with only a glance
Redemption looked like the people
with bright hair and green eyes.
She could unwind a knot with just one touch,
holding her hand brought a longed for peace to mind.
They slowly grew quickly, running away with water
and yet always coming home.
It couldn’t last, they were made of infinite possibilities
and even the lure of the mountains could not stay
a hand and foot for very long.
Epiphany was the first to leave – she couldn’t be held.
A need to be rescued, she reinvented herself again
And once more to reveal a new layer under her skin.
Too many thoughts in one mind.
It took no time at all.
Serendipity left to escape the others’ wild quarrels
that only she could hear, called out to take a risk
never looking back to her home
but stumbling onto ever new discoveries.
Redemption stayed the longest, she didn’t want to move on
to meet new people, was happiest alone without questions
but she needed to find new mistakes to make
and a view of the world from another set of eyes.
The wind fell down from the battered trees, quiet.
And the old woman was left alone again,
in the peace of the hills, her hills.


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