Sunday, 10 July 2011

Time, Sinking, Fringe, Rose.

There has been a delay in getting these up because this week kept changing on me, also the order has changed a bit because I seem to be writing an epic for one of the ideas and it’s taking me a while to see if I like where it’s going or whether to try something new with it instead.

This first set of words came from one of my favourite people: Emma-Jane Davies (@emmajanedavies) via Twitter. I love getting random ideas from my creative friends, here’s where I went with “sea, fingers, time”.

I ran right on the edge
while he slept on a sheet of sand.
A rolling sea dawdling upwards
pushing shells into view and away.
Fingers woven in, out, together, apart
each gentle motion noticed and noted.
The light faded right on time
as skin cooled and we started
a long journey back, locked inside night.
We didn’t spend our time linked
but let the moments pass comfortably
Knowing that the oceans and clocks
were never going to be a part of our plans.

The next set of words were “hedgehog, sinking, pullulate” from Kate Laity (@katelaity). Oddly enough this was the easiest poem I’ve done so far which I did not expect from those words. I’ve not known Kate all that long but she is fantastic, wonderful, crackers and I’m stealing her.

A thrush hops along the broken ceiling
rubbled brick and paint work
past cries on ears unhearing and dead.
The walls now overgrown with life
and the lodestone sinking back.
Ants, spiders, woodlice pullulate
in the cool dark corners hidden from the light.
And in the very Eastern extreme
a hedgehog sleeps on.
Waiting for everything to come back,
to wake up, to re-ignite.
For the Earth beneath to quiver
and history to start again.

I was very excited to write this poem because I had no idea where it would go. The words “cat, banana, fringe” came from Mel Blount in the comments section of the blog. Here’s what happened next.

“Auntie E.”
Five children bribed by the promise
of chocolate cake and a toffee jar
visiting their future.
Her swollen ankles dangle alongside
the twisted fringe of her chair
with dust trapped in each turn.
Porcelain cats and dogs line
every flat surface to reconcile
the domestic void.
An almost empty fridge is
only stocked for visitors now
while the china fruit bowl
holds an over-ripe banana
and a pair of abandoned glasses.
Her face lighting up does not make the trip worthwhile –
until years have passed.
Then once again the same cat
reminds you of your future
and her well-loved past.

The last of today’s batch is inspired by my favourite man, Sawyer (@ScooterMcDubs). The words were “illuminate, doorway, rose” and here’s where I went with them.

Simply at peace, she doesn’t move.
Her pale skin is dappled
in all Heavenly hues
from the Rose so high up.
A brittle glass – filigree decisions
fused over time to create beauty.
She stands, equidistant between
the Crossroads and the doorway
to decide where to go next
whether to renew or walk out.
The sun shifts and everything old
falls into its place
so that the way will illuminate for one and all.
To follow, to choose, to believe.

Looking over these my titles seem particularly uninspired, sorry about that folks. Might work on them a little more!
Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. More to follow in the future.



  1. By the by, this is a wonderfully playful scheme and I hope it is proving a lot of fun for you as well.

  2. I'm having far too much fun in fact, thanks sweetie. x