Wednesday, 20 April 2011


There's been a hiatus on here while I trotted merrily around the West coast of Ireland, specifically Counties Galway and Mayo. I had a wonderful time and soon there will be pictures.

Whilst away I put my Etsy store in Vacation Mode so that I wasn't inundated with buyers whilst away where I couldn't do anything about it (a girl can dream, right?). I also put the art in 'vacation mode' in my head, I did very little of anything to do with collages; I didn't troll for materials, or come up with new designs or colour combinations, I did take note when I saw some great displays so I've got new ideas on how to present my work but that's about it.

A while a go now I did a whole series of branding posts here and since that point it has become very obvious to me that I want to keep making art and put my jewellery on the back-burner. I am not giving up I am starting over.


I may take another silver-smithing course in September but for the next few months I am going to focus on the art side of things. I'm looking for some craft fairs to go to and I might take the jewellery there because I think it would sell better but that's only a 'might' because I would like to give my art a go on markets as well.

My point, eventually, is that even several months later the branding process is still helping me. It has changed how I've been thinking about the business for the better. I tried a whole new approach to my collages yesterday. It was truly horrendous, I did better in primary school (still the smell of poster paint reminds me of the art cupboard at my primary school and occasionally being allowed in to help teachers carry sugar paper back for the display boards) and I was terrible at art in primary school, sadly my parents still have the efforts should I ever need to prove this to you.

The reason that this became so obvious is that my shop is now all art, no jewellery. My final jewellery pieces have gone from Etsy and so I'm focusing the re-branding on my shop announcement.

Apologies for the very heavy-handed business blog today. Normal business will resume soon with pictures, probably more cakes and mountains.



  1. I love the sentence "I am not giving up I am starting over"! Sometimes you just need a little bit of time to figure out what’s the best for you and what you want to do. I think there is nothing wrong with it. Some might say that “you have no idea what you are doing” or “what is your concept”. Great inspirational quote!

  2. Aren't inspirational quotes amazing? I have a book that I keep scraps of ideas and quotes that inspire me for days when I need a bit of help with ideas.