Friday, 1 April 2011

Walking with the Wounded

A quick blog post to highlight an amazing charity called Walking With The Wounded.
This is the opening statement from their press release (all photographs are taken from the Press Kit as well, they are not mine and belong solely to the original copyright owners)

"In April 2011 an expedition will embark on a journey to the Geographical North Pole unaided. Amongst this group will be military servicemen who have been wounded in the line of duty and subsequently have lost limbs to amputation. This is a brave undertaking by people who have had their lives irreversibly changed whilst serving their country. They now seek to rebuild their lives and to inspire and help others to follow their lead as they set out to prove that injuries and amputations need not be a barrier to endeavour and achievement"

The four servicemen (Martin Hewitt, Steve Young, Guy Disney and Jaco van Gass) and their team will be making this journey in the next few weeks so I just wanted to use this blog to let y'all know what these guys are doing and do my little bit to raise awareness for them. According to the Facebook page there have been reports on the news and papers and also the cover story for GQ this month. (You can imagine the looks I got as a 24yr old girl buying GQ...)

You can find them on Facebook, and they have a Twitter feed as well as their own Website and a JustGiving page if you want to go directly to sponsor them.

Whilst in a little tea shop in Wales I heard on the news that they have been delayed...the rest of the message was lost in the noise of the coffee machine. I have a lot of friends in the forces both in the UK and the US and this charity resonates a lot with me and I hope that they have a fantastic time whilst raising lots of money for a great cause. I have so much admiration for these guys I can't even begin to say. If you have time to give them a shout-out that would be great.


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